The Dunsley Highlander 5 Multi Fuel Stove Glass, Firebricks and Rope Seal Replacement


The Dunsley Highlander 5 Multi Fuel Stove Glass, Firebricks and Rope Seal Replacement

Dunsley Stoves delivering fire and heating equipments almost over more than 6 decades offering a wide range of woodturning stoves, fuel fires and multi fuel stoves. Dunsley stoves. To Order Dunsley Stove Glass | Fire bricks

Dunsley Highlander 5 Multi fuel Stove

The Dunsley Highlander 5 Multi Fuel Stove is a free standing room heater fitted with multi-fuel riddling grade. The Highlander multi fuel stove is built to the highest standard using the best quality materials and dedicated manufacturing methods, to give a superb clean burning for efficient operation, together with pre-heated air wash which ensures a clean view of the fire with maximum efficiency for all fuels used. The serial number of this stove will be found on the aluminium  label which is positioned on the right side, when you are facing the front of the stove. 

Dunsley Highlander 5 Fire Bricks

The Highlander-5 stove is supplied with all the firebricks fitted. The firebricks should not be removed except to replace broken one’s. To remove firebricks, remove throat plate, lift up at left side facing pushing up to top and lowering the other end to remove. To remove side bricks remove the brick holding brackets one at the left and right at the front. The brackets are not fixed by the screws, lift up to remove, lightly tap if necessary, the side bricks and rear brick can then be removed. To replace fit rear bricks then side bricks then brackets then treat plate.

To Replace Door Glass

The glass is held in position by for retainer tabs, remove the tabs, ease the glass out at the bottom then remove. Check fibre seal and replace the new as required, check small gaskets on retainer tabs and replace as required.

Replace In reverse order.

If it is required to remove the door it is not necessary to disturb the door hinge adjustment.

Open the door to at least 90 degree. The door is pivoted on top and bottom pin. Remove the hinge pin retainer,(top hinge only). Remove the bottom pin upwards. Remove the top pin downwards.

Replace in reverse Order.

In some instances it could be necessary to insert a screwdriver; or similar, under the head of the pin to move it out.

To Renew the sealing rope on the door

Remove old sealing rope, clean metal grove with steel wool or similar, put adhesive part No. 02038 in the bottom of the groove and push new sealing rope firmly in position.

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